Remelix® Product

We are developing an easy to use single-dose application called   administered via local injection, enabling scar-free, complete and fast regeneration of both hard and soft tissue. 

 is an easy to use, single dose, human recombinant amelogenin injection

A novel, sterile, pure injectable biological therapy for the regeneration and healing of cartilage and ligaments in traumatized joints (mainly knee and ankle).

  • Registration path: class III medical device with a biological substance.
  • Produced using genetic recombination technology.
  • Patents, Granted and pending are in place, additional provisional applications on formulation and production processes are in process.

We have signed agreements with Yissum, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Hadassit, Prudentix Ltd. and Bio-Basic Inc., Canada, to develop an orthopedic product based on recombinant human amelogenin. We own the IP and all rights of the developed product and line extensions.