About us

Prudentix Ltd. is an emerging R&D company focused on the development of innovative medical devices in the field of dentistry, orthopedics, and dermatology.

Our Mission - To develop innovative products for regeneration and recovery after injuries or disease.

Prudentix has been working in recent years on developing novel proprietary products that are based on Novel human recombinant amelogenin as an active ingredient for the treatment of orthopedic injured cartilage, ligaments and tendons as well as to treat periodontitis and various oral defects. New patented applications are being researched to broaden the umbrella of indications. Prudentix is also developing the next generation of active ingredients to Biofilm induced diseases such as periimplatitis and others

The beginning

Prudnetix was incepted as a company developing products for professional dental use. Prudentix Ltd. started developing products for chronic and acute gingivitis by studying the positive effects of human recombinant amelogenin on jaw bone, and oral soft tissues. Following this development, we initiated a collaboration with a world-renowned team of researchers from the Hadassah Medical Center and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem to jointly develop the patented use of human recombinant amelogenin for regenerative effects on injured joints as well as orthopedic ailments. Other indications are being researched in the dermatological field.

Our headquarters is a hub for several pharmaceutical companies that share know-how and equipment. Our facility includes and makes use of offices, an adjacent modern GMP approved manufacturing plant for medical devices and an R&D state of the art in house advanced laboratory.

We believe that these partnerships enrich the knowledge of our professional teams, contribute to the developments by focusing on the clinical needs and as a result improve the product characteristics.

Production Capacity

The experienced Prudentix development team, in conjunction with a modern factory, makes it possible for us to develop, scale up, promote and market exclusive new products on a variety of platforms and solutions for fast time to market and achieve maximal convenience of use by our customers.

Our Goal

We aim to improve health of people around the world through research, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative medical devices, based on advanced scientific know-how.