Pharmacists& Doctors


The new Prudentix factory is located in Lod, in central Israel.
The factory is equipped to manufacture liquid and semi-solid products, as well as those administered in a wide variety of other forms including – but not limited to – films, tablets, sprays, etc.
The factory was constructed as a multipurpose versatile facility that enables the manufacturing of medical devices and cosmetics at the same location in several production rooms at the same time.
All product manufacturing is done under the supervision of trained skilled professionals, working according to a system of meticulous procedures, work methods and a RA/QC/QA system to ensure product quality and compliance to the strict regulations.
The factory is run according to our commitment to operational excellence, continual improvement and environmental protection.


Production Capacity

The experienced Prudentix development team, in conjunction with our modern factory, makes it possible for us to develop, promote and market exclusive new products on a variety of platforms and solutions for maximal convenience of use by our customers.