About Prudentix Ltd.

Prudentix Ltd. develops and manages a wide variety of innovative products, including medical devices based on chemical substances in the field of dentistry and oral care .

Prudentix headquarter’s include offices, a modern GMP approved manufacturing plant for medical

devices and an R&D state of the art advanced laboratory with highly advanced equipment.

The company works in cooperation and collaboration with dentists and oral care experts in the community and academy, as an integral part during the development process of the products.

We believe, that these partnerships enrich the know-how of our professional teams and contribute to the development of our excellent product line by focusing on the needs in the clinical process and improving the characteristics of the items by consulting with the future clients: the dental surgeons.

Prudentix’s products are manufactured under strict quality standards ISO 13485 (for medical devices), ISO 22716 (for cosmetics) and ISO 9001 (for our general quality operations).

We aim to improve the dental health of people around the world through research, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative chemical substance Medical Devices, based on advanced scientific and pharmaceutical know-how.