Pocket X Gel

Pocket-X® gel is a patented, Class IIa medical device (CE marked) in the form of a periodontal in-situ “liquid to gel” subgingival delivery system.

It is an adjunctive treatment, after root surface debridement (RSD) or scaling, intended to improve the healing of the gingiva, to inhibit bacterial recolonization in the periodontal pocket, and also constitutes part of a routine periodontal treatment program conducted by a dentist or a dental hygienist.

Pocket-X gel achieves its effect via a physical mode of action. It is delivered into the periodontal pocket after scaling/root planing and cleaning of the pocket from plaque. Inside the pocket, the gel acts as a filler for volume restoration thus physically prevents new bacteria from entering and re-infecting the pocket.

Innovative patented composition comprising a thermo-sensitive polymer called poloxamer alongside with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Octenidine Hydrochloride.

Pocket - X® gel is a liquid in-situ gel (thermo-sensitive) product. The gel is administered as a liquid and upon contact with body temperature solidifies into a thick viscous gel that adheres to the pocket, fills, and seals it.

Easy to administer - due to its low viscosity liquid properties in room temperature, the gel penetrates the deepest and most difficult to reach areas of the pocket, providing optimal coverage of the periodontal pocket.

Each syringe contains 1ml, suitable for use in multiple periodontal pockets of any size, around the teeth and as periodontal maintenance treatment.

Contains HA, providing the gel with elasticity and known for its hygroscopic healing properties.

Chlorhexidine Free formula means no tooth discoloration, no toxic degradation by-products and no photo-sensitivity for the final formula.

Each syringe is supplied with two head tips: a blue fine elongated tip to reach the deepest areas and a red short tip with bristles.

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